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    Well, you can go get glasses at the local Lenscrafters, OR you can hunt down some spectacular vintage hand cut frames at your local antique shop and have them fitted with your prescription lenses. Or maybe---do both. I have some very normal, "don'-t-cause trouble" frames, and some "in-your-face" frames I like to wear when I am feeling "con cohones" and have had a drink or two. Better to buy "new old stock", if you are going to invest much in the lenses. It is not good to throw money into old frames in bad shape that will fall off your head or lose an arm and need that proverbial piece of masking tape to keep them together. Unless that is the look you crave--the look of half the boys in my nerdy seventh grade class circa 1965. If so, I have an old briefcase and a pocket pen holder I would like to sell you. I'll throw in the slide rule.
  • Lawn art and ashtrays
    Back when guys stayed home more, listened to the radio and do other things at the same time, they probably labored over homemade lawn art, standing ashtray holders, and door stops. Usually they were made out of plywood, then painted. Look for slightly crackled paint. Many of the best of these were old comic strip characters like Jiggs and Maggie, or the ocasional Disney character. Black cats are plentiful. Also Butlers. You do not have to smoke to appreciate them.
  • old silhouettes
    Many of these come from the 20's and 30's. You can often guess the age of the piece by the dress of the person whose portrait it is. Hung together on a wall, they have a wonderful impact.
  • Old cookbooks by local groups: i.e. Grange cookbooks, church cookbooks, college cookbooks, etc.
  • Tacky Souvenirs from old site seeing locales

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November 20, 2009



wow! your ornaments are stunning! thanks so much for sharing them - what little works of art!


What a post, Barbara! A lot of this and that about you, your 30 y/o ornaments, what inspires you, what you're doing--Man! You have a great life! Thanks for sharing! I'll be sure and check out the "blog hop" this coming week!

Jan Kozlowski

Beautiful ornaments, Barb!! And I didn't know (and more importantly, PETER didn't know you made pies ) Let's not tell him or he'll end up sitting at YOUR table with knife and fork in hand banging and yelling I WANT PIE! He's done it before, we have video of him doing it last Thanksgiving at his daughter's house. He even accompanied her to the grocery store, on Thanksgiving to make sure she got enough and the right kinds...and you wonder why I shake my head and yell EEEEEE-PPPHHHHHH-INNNNNNN-EEEEEEY Prince!


LOVE the soft ornaments...we are so much alike. I made many many soft items growing up, and I still love to do that, mainly as a NON-illustrating hobby. Sewing is a great way to create in a way that's not so much "work".
BTW...I'd really like to see you as a redhead again. That would be wild! :)


Wow, you have some really great pcs. of art. It was a lot of fun to see all of your precious things. I loved your silk ornaments, especially the houses.
good luck in your fabric collection!

Sharon Hermens

Barbara, I love your post. I am going to bookmark it so I can read it everyday!! I love your fabrics too.
Thank you


Thank you, thank you everyone, who has stopped by to check out the post and also leave a comment! Sometimes we think that when we blog, we write to empty space. It is nice to think that people actully check our words out once in a while!


no matter the color of the hair on your head
your work's passion & fire shouts you are red, red, red!

the charming characters you have created
jump off the page and make me elated.

there's something unique in the way you have raptured
the heart of the reader whose vision is captured.

how exciting to "meet" you and how nice to be invited
i must tell you your moon has me totally delighted!


Amazingly creative ornaments!

I think one of those ornaments is a self portrait???Very cute stuff.
Check out either Coldwater Creek or Pottery Barn. I forget which one, but i saw felted and stitched bird ornaments. Janet M.

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