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    Casey G.

    Your garden is sooooo beautiful! I am envious. We only just moved in so we are in the process of building something we are proud of, but wow, the water feature you have is great.


    kathy weller

    So inspiring, so beautiful, Barbara!!

    I'd think it were a mirage, if I hadn't seen it for myself this summer at your Tex and Sugar Hoe-Down, when I could not tear myself away from this beautiful nook!!!

    I love the animal community who have adopted your pond as a hang-out! How inspiring in so many ways!!

    Sherry Rogers

    This is absolutely stunning! I love the outdoors and am an advid gardner myself. What a wonderful gift your friend has given you!

    karen lee

    Barb - it is wonderous. I can't even begin to say how envious I am. We've had drought, extreme heat, and poor clay acid soil. I love to garden but it is heartbreaking here.

    And you know my friend Casey! Say hi to Casey G and tell her we still use her sign at our crit meetings!


    You're back! Oh, I LOVE your waterfall and pond garden. Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures.

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