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    My new blog about art, design, crafts, collecting and licensing. That means more pictures, fewer words.

One-Line Bio

I'm an artist, children's book author, illustrator, and designer.


I've been doing art full time since college.

For ten years I was a puppeteer, then fiber artist/doll maker. I used to do the ACC show at Rhinebeck. The last few years of doll making gave way to illustration in the 80's. I have been illustrating for books, magazines, newspaper, brochures, calendars, and other various and sundry items since 1982.

For the last 12 years or so, I have been doing art for kids' books, by choice, and WITH LOVE. Now I am also an author.

My latest passion, along with kids' books, is textile design and licensing. My very own original fabric designs will be available soon. I guess that will bring me right back to working with cloth again and sewing. Funny how things come full circle.

Every waking minute that I am not taking care of my family or meeting my deadlines, I am out hunting for more junk and I am obsessing over art and design.

Messy house and laundry? I NEVER obsess about that. I step over it.


design, illustration, kids' books, kitcshy stuff, elvis lamps, jukeboxes, carnival chalkware, vintage eye glasses, and other stuff your mother threw out. i love to paint and draw and collect. i also love to paint and draw the things i love to collect.