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    That picture of you in class is THE BEST!!
    I'd know little Barb anywhere- you sassy thang!
    I am still thinking Travolta looks weird as a woman, but I would still see the film. I still think of him as Barbarino in "Welcome Back Kotter," a very fave show as a kid.
    Barbarino. Hmmm. I think you have a new nickname now!

    suzanne buchanan

    Wow...this is the cutest class photo ever! You are so lucky to have it. Hope you enjoy the film!


    I can't wait to see this, especially now I know John Travolta, Christopher Walken and Michelle Pfeiffer are in this!

    diane greenseid

    Hairspray is my new favorite movie! I loved it more than the first one, more than the play. It completely carried me away.

    Paula Pertile

    Oh, you'll love it Barb. Chris Walken is just delicious, as they all are. And watch for a quick cameo by John Waters near the very beginning.
    I LOVE your class picture!

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